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A Safe Context

Personal problems can be intimidating and frightening. People may feel ashamed about the issues with which they are struggling, the thoughts running through their heads, or about their behaviour. They may also feel disheartened by not being able to make significant headway on their own. Our goal is to provide a non-judgmental environment where you feel understood- A safe place where you can do the difficult, and sometimes scary, work of therapy.


A Collaborative Process

We view therapy as a collaborative process whereby the client and therapist work together to identify and address the client's personal concerns. We work with clients to establish meaningful and concrete therapeutic goals that form the basis for monitoring progress. While therapy may progress in different directions, the process often includes:

  • Clarification of problems

  • Development of insight and self-understanding

  • Development of self-acceptance

  • Learning and practicing new skills


A Flexible Format

In order to allow for a creative and flexible approach that suits each client’s needs we draw on a number of theoretical orientations including:

  • Mindfulness

  • Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT)

  • Psychodynamic

  • Humanistic

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A formal psychological assessment can be undertaken in order to:

  • Clarify psychological concerns

  • Provide diagnostic information

  • Establish treatment goals

  • Provide recommendations to enhance well-being



Depending on the referral questions and the needs of the individual undergoing assessment information may be gathered from a number of sources including:

  • Interview

  • Collateral interview (with spouse or family member)

  • Psychological testing

  • Review of medical records

Feedback is typically provided in the form of a written report and an in-person feedback interview.

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There is a growing body of research indicating that psychological services can be delivered remotely in a safe and effective manner.

We offer Individual Psychotherapy via secure videoconference to adults who reside in Ontario, Canada.

For Telepsychology services, clients need:

  • A computer equipped with a webcam, microphone and speakers (or headset)

  • An internet connection capable of video streaming

  • A private location

  • A degree of comfort with basic operation of computers

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